The purpose of HSI is to increase the enjoyment and understanding of Heliconia (Heliconiaceae) and related plants (members of the Cannaceae, Costaceae, Lowiaceae, Marantaceae, Musaceae, Strelitziaceae, and Zingiberaceae) of the order Zingiberales through education, research and communication. Interest in Zingiberales and information on the cultivation and botany of these plants is rapidly increasing. HSI will centralize this information and distribute it to members.


The Heliconia Society International, a nonprofit corporation in the USA was formed in 1985 because of rapidly developing interest around the world in these exotic plants and their close relatives. We are composed of dues-paying members. Our officers and all participants are volunteers. Everyone is welcome to join and particiate. HSI conducts a Biennial Meeting and International Conference.

The HSI Board

HSI Officers for 2014-2016


Carla Black - President and Membership

David Lorence - Treasurer

Jan Hintze - Secretary, Membership, Etlingera Cultivar Registrar

Richard Criley - Editor

Ken Leonhardt - Editor

Dave Skinner - Costaceae Cultivar Registrar, and Conservation Centers

Colton Collins - Webmaster

Chelsea Specht - Student Grants

Bryan Brunner - Heliconia Cultivar Registrar

Carlos Castro - Director, organizer of the 2016 HSI Conference

Sandra Barnes - Archivist

W. John Kress - Director

Vinita Gowda - Director

Victor Lee - Director

Annop Ongsakul, Director

Tim Chapman - Director