53 genera
    >1,200 species

"The Zingiberaceae, the largest family in the Zingiberales, consist of 53 genera and over 1200 species. Gingers are found in all tropical regions of the world, but are concentrated in the Old World, especially in Southeast Asia. Because of the ephemeral flowers (often lasting less than one day), taxonomic study of the family is difficult. The fusion of two sterile stamens into a labellum and the occurrence of cells containing essential or ethereal oils are features found in all gingers. Members of several genera, including Alpinia, Amomum, Curcuma, Etlingera, Globba, Hedychium, Kaempferia, and Zingiber, are grown as ornamentals or as spices. 'Zingiber,' the root of the family name Zingiberaceae, comes from the Sanskrit word 'sringavera' meaning 'horn-shaped,' in reference to the rhizomes."  - description via Smithsonian NMNH