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Cheilocostus speciosus 'Tetraploid'

Cheilocostus speciosus 'Tetraploid'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Tetraploid'
PARENTAGE: Cheilocostus> speciosus
STATUS: Established
TYPE: selection
REFERENCE: Stokes Tropicals Catalog 1999 and also Hardy Gingers, T. M. E. Branney 2005
PUBLISHED: 1999 in Stokes Tropicals Catalog
NOTES: Need photos, origin and more complete description.

DESCRIPTION: Described in Stokes Tropicals Catalog as follows: A fantastic new cultivar of Costus speciosus that grows shorter (3'-4') and flowers more freely. White crepe flowers emerge from a burgundy-red terminal cone from summer to fall. Described in Hardy Gingers as follows: More compact and floriferous than the species, flowers from stems 75-90 cm (30-36 inches) tall.
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