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Costus aff. claviger 'Morning Star'

Costus aff. claviger 'Morning Star'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Morning Star'
PARENTAGE: Costus aff. claviger
STATUS: Established
TYPE: unnamed species/variety
PUBLISHED: December 2013 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 19 (4)
ORIGIN: Collected, named and introduced by Dave Skinner, found near Shapaja, Peru.

DESCRIPTION: This C. claviger form has long, triangular bract appendages and creamy white flowers that have deeply incised margins to the labellum. The vegetative parts are densely hairy, ligules are short (about 5 mm) and truncate to slightly lobed. Plant had basal inflorescence when found in habitat but all cultivated plants have produced terminal blooms. Bracts are red, becoming green on the triangular appendages, flowers are have a deeply incised labellum.
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