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Costus aff. comosus x ____ 'Cliff Dweller'

Costus aff. comosus x ____ 'Cliff Dweller'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Cliff Dweller'
PARENTAGE: Costus aff. comosus x ____
STATUS: Established
TYPE: natural hybrid
PUBLISHED: December 2013 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 19 (4)
Collected, named and introduced by Dave Skinner, found very localized growing only on steep bluffs and in rocky soil along the beach of the Pacific Coast at Cabo Matapalo, Costa Rica.

DESCRIPTION: Appears to be a hybrid or variety of C. comosus, plant is sterile, produces green bracts with long pendent triangular foliaceus appendages and yellow tubular flowers. Bracteole and calyx are white to pale green. Vegetative parts are glabrous to velutinous and ligule is extremely short (1-2 mm) and truncate. Leaf base is cordate unlike description of C. comosus.
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