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Costus aff. laevis 'Nirvana'

Costus aff. laevis 'Nirvana'

PARENTAGE: Costus aff. laevis
STATUS: Name accepted, established.
TYPE: unknown species/variety
PUBLISHED: September 2017 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 23 (3)
REGISTRANT: Dave Skinner
ORIGIN: Found in 2010 at Reserva Nirvana in the Central Cordillera of Colombia

DESCRIPTION: Plant grows to 3 meters tall, leaves pubescent on undersides, glabrous on upper sides, ligule lobed to 2 cm long with hairs at margin. Terminal inflorescence, globular in shape with non-appendaged bracts that are distinctively convex in shape. Upper leaves of plant wrap around the inflorescence partially hiding the flowers from view when seen from the sides. Flowers are large and showy, pale yellow with open labellum. This cultivar differs from 'El Gato' by having an upright inflorescence.
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