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Costus aff.spiralis 'Strawberry Bud'

Costus aff.spiralis 'Strawberry Bud'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Strawberry Bud'
PARENTAGE: Costus spiralis
STATUS: Name accepted, established.
REFERENCE: Maureen Simons personal communication
PUBLISHED: September 2019, Heliconia Society Bulletin, Vol. 25, No. 3
REGISTRANT: Dave Skinner
NOTES: Is this the same as the Colton Collins 'Pink Lips'?
ORIGIN: This is the widely cultivated form of the species Costus spiralis that is commonly known by this name; its origin is unknown.

DESCRIPTION: This form can be distinguished from other forms of the species Costus spiralis by its totally glabrous leaves and stems combined with a pinkish coloration of the upper leaves and young bracts as they begin to form an inflorescence. The mature inflorescence has bright red non-appendaged bracts with a yellow nectar callus and red adaxially oriented tubular flowers.

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