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Costus aff. villosissimus x 'Mellow Yellow'

Costus aff. villosissimus x 'Mellow Yellow'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Mellow Yellow'
PARENTAGE: Costus aff. villosissimus x wilsonii
STATUS: Established
TYPE: natural hybrid
PUBLISHED: June 2012 in HSI Bulletin, Vol. 18, No. 2
Collected, named and introduced by Dave Skinner, selection from seedlings, origin was Costa Rica.

DESCRIPTION: 'Mellow Yellow' has broad, spreading, C. villosissimus-type flowers but with non-appendaged bracts and generally shorter, sparser hairs on the vegetative parts. Basal stems display a pattern similar to the 'Heiroglyphic' form of C. pictus. Ligules are short, about 3-5 mm long with longer hairs at the ligule than the rest of the stems and leaves. The bracts are green and non-appendaged except for the lowest bracts. Flowers are broad and yellow.
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