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Costus 'California Dreaming'

Costus 'California Dreaming'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'California Dreaming' 
STATUS: Name accepted, established.
TYPE: unknown species/variety
PUBLISHED: September 2017 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 23 (3)
REGISTRANT: Dave Skinner
ORIGIN: California - Chiapas, Mexico

DESCRIPTION: This plant was found in 2014 near the village of California (so named because of a minor gold rush there), in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. It is not known whether this is a new, undescribed species or a natural hybrid of other species in the area. Plant grows to about 3 meters tall with a terminal inflorescence. Vegetative parts all glabrous, truncate ligule to 1 cm long. Bracts are a rusty red color in the exposed part with the apex curled outward. There is a green blotch surrounding the yellow nectar callus. Flowers have dark yellow corollas and labellum bright red around margins, much like a Costus pictus flower. It is a vigorous growing and easy flowering cultivar.
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