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Costus erythrophyllus 'Silver Leaf'

Costus erythrophyllus 'Silver Leaf'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Silver Leaf'
PARENTAGE: Costus erythrophyllus
STATUS: Established
TYPE: selection
PUBLISHED: March 2014 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 20 (1)
ORIGIN: In general cultivation in the US fo rmany years, origin unknown, name from plant tag as received by Dave Skinner.

DESCRIPTION: This form of C. erythrophyllus is apparently named for the silvery sheen when the deeply plicate leaves are seen under certain lighting conditions. The leaf color is a medium green. This cultivar is similar to 'Grey Ghost' except for the leaf color, the more deeply plicate leaves, the stems which are green except at the base, and the deeply lobed ligules which are slightly longer at 25-30 mm. The plant grows to about 1 1/2 meters tall and is glabrous. The bracts have long, leafy appendages and the flowers are white with red stripes.
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