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Costus erythrothrysus 'Red Lollipop'

Costus erythrothrysus 'Red Lollipop'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Red Lollipop'
PARENTAGE: Costus erythrothrysus
STATUS: Established
TYPE: selection
REFERENCE: Stokes Tropicals catalog.
PUBLISHED: 1999 in Stokes Tropicals Catalog
PHOTO: no photo available
NOTES: Need origin and description. Also photos
ORIGIN: Per Glenn Stokes, obtained from Mark Collins

DESCRIPTION: Described in Stokes Catalog as follows: A fantastic new Costus that is compact (24"-30") that has numberous shiny-red 3" pikes on separate 1' basal stems. Sometimes cones are produced terminally on spiral stems. Plant blooms profusely at any time of year. Spikes retain color long after small orange flowers are gone.
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