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Costus 'Eskimo Kiss'

Costus 'Eskimo Kiss'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Eskimo Kiss'
STATUS: Established
TYPE: selection
REFERENCE: Stokes Tropicals Catalog 2003-04,
PUBLISHED: 2003-04 in Stokes Tropicals Catalog
NOTES: This is listed as C. erythrocrinus which is NOT a valid species name. Based on photo and description this appears to be the species Costus erythrocoryne.
ORIGIN: Collected, named, and introduced by Mark Collins. Per Glenn Stokes he received this from Mark Collins.

DESCRIPTION: Stems, petioles, and undersides of leaves are pubescent. Upper surface of leaves are scabrous. Leafs are ovate, becoming narrowly elliptic with age. Inflorescence is bright red with tight bracts. Flowers are yellow and appear in a spiral. Labellum is red and yellow. Grows 3 to 4 feet.
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