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Costus guanaiensis 'Sweet Charlotte'

Costus guanaiensis 'Sweet Charlotte'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Sweet Charlotte'
PARENTAGE: Costus guanaiensis
STATUS: Established
TYPE: unnamed species/variety
PUBLISHED: March 2014 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 20 (1)
ORIGIN: Origin unknown, plant found in greenhouse at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, they said it was received many years ago from an orchid collector in Orlando, Florida. Named and introduced by Dave Skinner.

DESCRIPTION: A compact form of the diverse species C. guanaiensis. Grows to about 1 meter tall and wide, free flowering both from basal shoots and terminal on leafy stems. Stems, ligules, petiole, leaves, bracts, bracteoles and calyx are all thickly covered with short hairs. Inflorescence is typical C. guanaiensis with green bract appendages and creamy white flowers with spreading type labellum, red striped and yellow throat. Flowers have a long deeply incised anther crest 25-28 mm from the thecae to the apex.
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