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Costus pictus 'Hieroglyphics'

Costus pictus 'Hieroglyphics'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Hieroglyphics'
PARENTAGE: Costus pictus
STATUS: Established
REFERENCE: Stokes Tropicals catalog 1998
PUBLISHED: 1998 in Stokes Tropicals catalog
NOTES: This is sufficiently identified as a cultivar name in Stokes Catalog and is sufficiently described to be accepted and established.
ORIGIN: Per communication from Glenn Stokes, they obtained it from Thomas Wiedeman in Costa Rica.

DESCRIPTION: Described in catalog as follows: We have dubbed it "Hieroglyphics' because of its interesting and busy pattern of red markings on the stems. It may be related to Costus pictus. It grows 7' (2.1m) to 8' (2.4m) in medium to full sun. Like pictus it produces both terminal and basal cones. Has rather thin stems and narrow leaves. Obtained from Costa Rica. Strikingly marked stems and cone inflorescences make great cut flowers. This plant is widespread in cultivation sometimes found under slightly different spelling. It can further be distinguished by the long stiff hairs at the ligules and the undulating form of the leaves.
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