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Costus productus 'Emerald Chalise'

Costus productus 'Emerald Chalise'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Emerald Chalise'
PARENTAGE: Costus productus
STATUS: Name accepted, established.
TYPE: species
PUBLISHED: September 2017 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 23 (3)
REGISTRANT: Colton Collins
Collected, named, and introduced by Mark Collins.

DESCRIPTION: Similar to C. productus 'Maroon Chalise' except overcupping ligules are emerald. Leaves also are solid green with prominent veins that add texture to the upper surface. Petiole, costa, and underside of leaves are pubescent. Inflorescence is obvate. Bracts are thick and red with a yellow-green line along centerline. Flowers are yellow. Grows 3 to 4 feet tall in partial shade.
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