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Costus productus 'Ruffles'

Costus productus 'Ruffles'

PARENTAGE: Costus productus
STATUS: Name accepted, established.
TYPE:  natural phenotype
PUBLISHED: December 2019, Heliconia Society Bulletin, Vol. 25, No. 4
REGISTRANT: Dave Skinner
ORIGIN: Cultivar is grown from a plant found in southern Peru, department Puno near the village of Lechemayo.

DESCRIPTION: This form of Costus productus grows to about 1 meter tall. It differs from other forms and cultivars by its dark green leaves that are very strongly plicate and have dark purple to slightly purple undersides. The sheaths differ from 'Maroon Chalice' or 'Emerald Chalice' by having shorter ligules that are not cupped. The inflorescence has bright red bracts and orange flowers.

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