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Costus productus x ____ 'Phuket Kiss'

Costus productus x ____ 'Phuket Kiss'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Phuket Kiss'
PARENTAGE: Costus productus X (Tim Chapman unamed hybrid)
STATUS: Name accepted, not established.
TYPE: hybrid
REFERENCE: Personal correspondence with Annop Ongsakul
REGISTRANT: Annop Ongsakul
ORIGIN: Hybrid of Costus productus with another unnamed Tim Chapman hybrid of C. productus X pulverulentus. Bred, named and introduced by by Annop Ongsakul.

DESCRIPTION: Plant grows to 1.8 meters, flowers all year. Bracts are bright orange with yellow nectar callus. Tips of bracts pointed and turned outwards. Flowers are orange with open labellum. Leaves are pale green, undersides are pubescent.
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