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Costus spicatus 'Tico Sunrise'

Costus spicatus 'Tico Sunrise'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Tico Sunrise'
PARENTAGE: Costus spicatus
STATUS: Established
TYPE: selection
PUBLISHED: March 2014 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 20 (1)
ORIGIN: Origin unknown, received incorrectly tagged as C. guanaiensis. Named and introduced by Dave Skinner.

DESCRIPTION: Plant keys out closest to C. spicatus, with a longer bracteole and calyx than the similar looking C. scaber or C. spiralis with which it is often confused. Plant grows up to 3 meters but can flower at 1 meter. Vegetative parts are covered with short stiff hairs, ligule is 7 mm long, leaves are large to 42 cm long by 14 cm wide, bracts are red toward the base changing to green toward the apex, bracteole 28 mm long, calyx 13 mm long, corolla is pale orange to yellow at base, labellum is yellow with red striped lateral lobes, 4.5 cm long, stamen is yellow tinged with orange, 4.8 cm long, apex is rounded to slightly deltate.
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