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Costus 'Tropicais' x comosus 'Southern Cross'

Costus 'Tropicais' x comosus 'Southern Cross'

CULTIVAR NAME: 'Southern Cross'
PARENTAGE: Costus 'Tropicais' x comosus var. bakeri
STATUS: Established
TYPE: hybrid
PUBLISHED: March 2014 in Heliconia Society Bulletin 20 (1)
ORIGIN: Dave Skinner hybrid.

DESCRIPTION: This is a hybrid of 'Tropicais' with the common C. comosus var. bakeri, which is often sold under the incorrect name of C. barbatus. It is a vigorous grower and easy to flower. The plant often flowers at 1 to 1 1/2 meters but can grow much taller. It is mostly glabrous except for the pubescence on the undersides of the leaves. Leaves have cordate leaf base and ligules are truncate, 3-5 mm long. The bracts are bright red but not appendaged and the flowers are bright yellow and tubular.
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