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Etlingera hemispherica 'Alba-Red Tulip'

Etlingera hemispherica 'Alba-Red Tulip'

Registrant Name: Sergio Tejedor-Leon

Address:. 14 M street Cerro Real, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00969




Species or hybrid names. Species

Cultivar name E. Hemispherica   "ALBA-RED TULIP GINGER"

Colour Light brilliant red

Shape Tulip like

Foliage Green with reddish hue underneath leaves

       Source of Material Seed _X

       Collection source Country. Puerto Rico

Field collection _X__

Notable features, which distinguish this Cultivar

               Light brilliant red with fine white stripes along petals. Petal is pointed with

white at tips.   Multiple round of petals. Deep loose cone.         Base is white with green stalk. Foliage is green with reddish hue underneath leaves.                           

Unknown origin.

Please attach two photos of the open flower, one in profile, one from directly above.                      

A photo of the foliage is not necessary unless it is distinctly different from the type species.



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