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Etlingera hemispherica ‘Flower Forest’

Etlingera hemispherica ‘Flower Forest’

Name of Registrant: David Spieler
Address: Flower Forest, Richmond, St. Joseph, Barbados
Email contact:

Plant details:
Species or hybrid names: Etlingera hemispherica. This is the seed parent, and as it is wild pollinated, it is not possible
to definitely identify the pollen parent. However, in appearance it is fair to say it is a hybrid, but not to define its parentage, as several other species were flowering simultaneously
in the vicinity.

Cultivar name: Etlingera hemispherica ‘Flower Forest’
Notable features which distinguish this cultivar: Color, form, and size of bracts, flowers red, with no yellow markings.
Color: Pink
Shape: Similar to E. venusta, but much larger
Foliage: Green
Source of Material: Seed
Collection source: Country, Barbados
Cultivated Garden: David Spieler



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