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Etlingera hemispherica ‘Olympic Torch’

Etlingera hemispherica ‘Olympic Torch’

Registrant Name: Sergio Tejedor-Leon

Address:. 14 M street, Cerro Real Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00969



PLANT DETAILS: Species or hybrid names. Etlingera hemispherica

Cultivar name: ‘Olympic Torch’

Colour: White bracts, pale pink inner cone

Shape: Tulip-like shape

Foliage: Green with reddish hue underneath leaves

Source of Material: Seedling of Etlingera hemispherica Tulip torch ginger

Collection source Country: Santa Rosa farm, Jayuya, Puerto Rico Field collection

Notable features which distinguish this Cultivar: Has pure white, pointed bracts. Ring of red and yellow flowers between bracts and cone. Inner cone is loosely packed and pale pink in color. Base and stalk are green.



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